Honda Delsol V.1 Rear Diffusor

Honda Delsol V.1 Rear Diffusor


The Sol Kreations Custom rear diffusor is live and ready for you to purchase! These Diffusors are hand made, measured to fit, and easy to install!

This diffusor comes with custom L bracket frame and this frame bolts to the cars rear lower control arm bolts and then the diffusor bolts to the frame. L brackets will be supplied for proper installation.

This diffusor bolts to 9 clip nuts that promise no rattling or shaking or falling off while performing on the track!

This product is for off road use only and you are responsible for installations of the product.

We offer 3 Exhaust Layouts for the Delsol.

1.) Stock Exhaust

2.) Angled Exhaust

3.) No Exhaust

For proper installation please follow the given instructions with your purchase and if you have any questions please call me 9207230125.

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